TEAM ICO: Blockchain Contribution Graph

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SEND 1 ETH TO RECEIVE 25 TMC: 0xb27FB8DE974414142e7f3e2B60b6920462F2F78E

ICO Started in block 4226714 (Sep 1st.) & will end in block 4276714 (± Sep 15th.)

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ICO Price (1 ETH = 25 TMC)


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Francis Dierick

Founder / Development / Blockchain

Francis is a software developer with over 20 years of experience, developing for web, mobile & blockchain. His most recent project FitChat got accepted in Ycombinator’s Startup School (SUS17). The technology behind TeamCoin was first developed for FitChat.

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Vidar Andersen

Advisor / Europe & USA

Vidar is a startup maven: he regularly keynotes startup events & has an exceptional network in the Western startup world. As co-founder of the Plone project he is one of the earliest Open Source contributors. Francis & Vidar have worked together on several project before.

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Puja Abbassi

Advisor / China / Blockchain

Puja has built up an exceptional network in the Chinese startup world through his mentoring at Chinaccelerator (中国加速) He is connected to Open Source through his membership of both the Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.


TEAM aims to build a universal “Contribution Graph”: a verified, distributed & immutable register of projects & who contributed to them. Such a system can answer the following question: Who contributed what, where? e.g. “Linus Torvalds created the Linux Kernel” or “Brian Chesky co-founded AirBnB in 2008”. Such a register can be of tremendous value to the creative professions in the Open Source and Startup communities.

Such a graph can be used to assess a project contributor’s reputation, assign a fair equity split in early projects or even automatically compensate team members for the work they have done. There are 3 main components required to build such a graph: People, Roles & Projects. Roles (e.g. “CTO”, “Designer”, “Developer”) form the edges linking together People & Project nodes in a graph. Project & Role descriptions are reached by voted consensus among the People participating in a project.

Blockchain technology offers a couple of interesting properties appropriate for a project like TEAM. The following are the core characteristics TEAM requires to work: IMMUTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY and DECENTRALISATION.

IMMUTABILITY is achieved by storing Roles as contracts or transactions in the blockchain. TRANSPARENCY is achieved through a voting process to define project descriptions and roles: all project members need to agree for changes to be made. The blockchain transaction history serves as a transparent representation of how a consensus was reached. DECENTRALISATION of identity verification is desirable long-term and can be achieved through collaboration with projects like Civic.

Pre-Sale & ICO

ICO: The Public ICO started on September 1 2017. The ICO goal is to raise 1M USD, equivalent to a small startup seed-round. The ticker symbol will be TMC and the TeamCoin token will be a standard ERC20 token.

The token is a utility token that people will use in the network to pay for initial identity verification and vote on project and role descriptions.

The token will be tradable immediately after the ICO ends and usable in the TEAM network in Q4 2017.

PRE-SALE (FINISHED): Pre-sale discounts will be available for early investors. Discounts will be announced in email or online chat channel with both WhatsApp (West) & WeChat (China) options available.

The timing an conditions of the pre-sale event will be announced by email so make sure you signup now!

If you want to participate in the pre-sale event you will be asked to transfer a non-refundable amount of BTC of your choice.

The order of pre-sale invitations and the discount will be based on the amount of BTC sent in the initial pre-sale transaction.

Once you have been accepted as a pre-sale investor you will receive email instructions for how to get in.


Early July 2017 : Ideation and Community Feedback We will present the draft whitepaper & interact with the crypto community before finalising the final version that will be used for ICO. This will present an opportunity for the larger crypto community to shape how the contribution graph will be built and how the ICO will be handled.

Q3 2017 : MVP, Pre-Registration, Pre-Sale and ICO An MVP of the web interface will be made available where users can pre-register their TEAM accounts at no cost. Per-Sale for larger buyers will be organised through a Slack channel. After Public ICO token holders will be able to formally claim their accounts & use tokens to request formal IDV. In case of overfunding > 10M USD a fund will be set up to subsidise IDV for key members of the open source community.

Q4 2017 : Identity Verification Launch Token holders will be able to request Identity Verification where their real-life & project-related identity will be verified. IDV services will be paid in TMC by token holders. As a gesture to the Open Source community & to increase the value of the initial TEAM network long-time Open Source contributors will be offered free IDV in case of ICO overfunding.

Q1 2018 : TEAM Platform Launch The scope of the initial TEAM platform has been kept small on purpose & continuous development will mainly consist of smart contracts that interact with the Contribution Graph. Examples of potential applications are outlined in the “Further Research” section.


  • 02/09/2017 : Website updated, contract address published
  • 01/09/2017 : Launch & 50% Bounty until block 4627777
  • 01/09/2017 : TeamCoin pre-sale tokens reserved, assignment started
  • 31/08/2017 : TeamCoin ICO contracts deployed on Mainnet
  • 29/08/2017 : TeamCoin ICO contracts deployed on Ropsten
  • 28/08/2017 : TeamCoin ICO contracts published on GitHub
  • 12/08/2017 : SanCoin renamed to TeamCoin
  • 28/07/2017 : First ICO contract published on GitHub
  • 24/07/2017 : First CLI code published on GitHub
  • 21/07/2017 : Discount dropped to 40%
  • 21/07/2017 : NEW ICO timeline published
  • 17/07/2017 : Pre-sale opened. 50% discount