For You

Move 2 Earn

Feel like an athlete just by walking around. Earn real money competing against your peers. Be the best version of yourself and get sponsors who will pay you for your progress.

Earnings per day

  • Low activity $0.01
  • More activity $0.10-$10
  • The sport activity $50

Turn Your Steps into a Game

  • Walk Around the Room
  • Walk Around Campus
  • Walk with Friends
  • Go Shopping

Turn Your Steps into a Game

  • Join a Teamco League
  • Compete in Tournaments
  • Take on Promotional Challenges


Choose from a variety of tournaments to compete in and earn money for your steps. The more you are participating in tournaments, the more you get a chance to win

We are almost ready to launch.

However, due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, we were not able to fully finance the project independently and had to pause our progress.

To ensure that we can achieve our goal of changing the world for the better, we are looking for potential investors or business angels to join us and support our cause. If you are interested in learning more about our project and how you can contribute, please request our pitch deck.